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Official webshop of facebook group NOFX vinyl collectors only

Up for grabs is the official-unofficial-merch of the best Facebook group in the world: NOFX Vinyl Collectors Only! A band of Misfits bonded together by their love for one band and their vinyl records, it truly is a place where likeminded and beautiful people come together. With artwork made by and chosen by members of the group, wearing one of these shirts or other merch items will surely make you stand out in the crowd at shows and festivals. Why not be a cool dude/dudette and join them by buying one yourself?

NOFX Vinyl Collectors only

HOFX boy 10” tote bag

60.00 kn (8.00 )

NOFX Vinyl Collectors only

NOFX vinyl collector backpack

50.00 kn (6.67 )

NOFX Vinyl Collectors only

NOFX vinyl collectors only hat

40.00 kn (5.33 )
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